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I build websites for small businesses

Your website is your first point of contact with clients. Whether you are a contractor, restaurant, or dealership your website is key to making a good first impression, and even being seen at all.

A Single Developer

I'm a small business too, not an agency 'collecting jobs' and then farming them out to other developers. When you work with me, you speak directly with the developer building your sight.

I'm a Developer, not a Salesman

I write the code that turns content and ideas, into functioning websites and applications. I don't have a pile of add-ons that I want you shove into your site and charge extra for. I won't push you to buy features or services you don't need.

Full Stack Developer

There are two broad categories of web development. Front-End: the code sent to the browser; and Back-End: the code running on the servers. Most As a 'Full Stack' developer; I am prepared to build both the Front-End code presenting your website to the user, and any server-side code that may be needed as well; saving time and expense of hiring and coordinating multiple developers.